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Skinny feet

on July 31, 2013

In the grand scheme of back to school shopping, shoe shopping is my least favorite by a mile. It’s incredibly stressful to have two opinionated children trying on every pair of shoes they can get their hands on, running away from you so you can’t see if they actually fit, and wanting you to buy them ugly shoes. I hate it.

Caden’s feet grew seriously overnight. One day her shoes fit, the next day they were too small. It was a sad day because she had the cutest pair of grey pumas that I loved! I hit up Target and picked her up a cute pair of purple sneakers. Her toes were right at the end, but they fit, she liked them, and it wasn’t stressful! Win.

I bought Delaney’s sneakers at Stride Rite last fall at this time and amazingly, they still fit her. But, they were looking rough and since they had their BOGO sale, we hit up the store on Saturday. My intention was to get each of them one pair of shoes. Sneakers for Delaney, and casual shoes for Caden. Caden tried on five pairs of shoes? None of them fit, her heels kept slipping out no matter how narrow the shoe. Poor thing. Delaney of course had her pick of shoes and found a super cute pair of navy/pink sneakers, and a pair of hot pink ballet flats. Caden settled for a pair of boots that were on clearance.

I put the call into my mom to see what she could find. She found two pairs of narrow shoes and sent them up yesterday. Caden excitedly tried them on only to find out both were too big. Size 11 puts her toes at the end, 11.5 has her feet swimming. Ugh. Delaney was happy though, because both shoes fit her!


I had a babysitter last night so after my run I went to Target. I picked up a few of our final school supplies, and grabbed two pairs of shoes for Caden. The black pair I knew would fit. They are super narrow and with the criss cross across her foot, they will stay snug. I wasn’t sure about the pink pair, but she tried them on and they fit perfectly. Again, her toes are at the end so if her feet grow anymore we’ll be screwed again, but at least this should ease the crying every morning when she can’t find a pair of shoes that fit and match her outfit.

I told the babysitter I kind of hate that Target shoes seem to fit her best. They are cheap and don’t last long. I would much rather pay more for Stride Rites that will last, but what can you do?

3 responses to “Skinny feet

  1. Teresita says:

    This is my first time visit at here and i am in fact
    pleassant to read all at alone place.

  2. Liz says:

    I had the exact same shoe problem as a kid, because I had really narrow heels. My mom took me to the local shoe store for all my shoes so they knew my fit issues (those were the days, right?), and they always fitted all my sneakers and some of my other shoes with tongue pads. This pushed my feet back just enough so that the heels could grab on (it seems counter-intuitive, but they really work better than heel pads!). I never see them in the stores anymore, but I bet you could order them online.

  3. […] your kid have very narrow feet? Like *really* narrow feet? Caden does. I mentioned earlier this summer how we went shopping at Stride Rite but none of their shoes fit Caden’s feet. We also hit up […]

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