The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on July 29, 2013

It was a weird, chilly weekend. Not the kind of weather I like to see in July! But, it worked out because the house was a little neglected and we were worn out from the week of VBS.

* They asked the girls to come to both services to sing songs from VBS. I voted for just our normal 10:30am service, but the girls really wanted to do both. The 9:00am service is the traditional service and it was maybe a little rough to get through. In between there was a celebration thing for the pastor’s daughter who is getting married. They were serving cookies and I thought for sure I would be tortured for 30 minutes but no! They had gluten free cookies! All labeled and they were really good! I stopped in the kitchen to ask where they got them from and they sent me home with a bunch. Love our church.

* Just the opening song from the 10:30am contemporary service made me realize how much I miss church. We definitely need to get there on the Sundays we are home.

* There is a little garden area off the sanctuary. Since the weather was gorgeous they had the doors open and the girls and I spent some time out there. All of the flowers made me realize I hate my landscaping and I need to redo it and get some color in. Mine is green, green, and more green and I miss having blooming flowers in places other than pots on my deck.

* I made banana almond meal muffins and they are ridiculously good. Bonus that they were super easy to make.

* We have an excess amount of puzzles, most of which the girls never put together anymore. Every once in a while they’ll get their puzzle on and do all of them, but it’s rare. Sunday we put all of them together, I took a picture of them, then we put them back in their boxes. All ready for the fall sale! And we cleaned out one of the openings in the toy storage unit.

One response to “Fall?

  1. Jill says:

    We had a really weird weekend, weather-wise, too. So bizarre. We just had our VBS a few weeks ago. It was so fun! I love that we can do that for our kids and our community.

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