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Not biking people

on July 24, 2013

Our neighbors biked to church Sunday night and ever since then, Delaney has been asking if we can bike to church. I knew immediately this wasn’t the best idea, but I also knew she wouldn’t stop asking about it until we did it. I took Tuesday off from work, so I figured that was the perfect night to do it. I could pick the girls up a bit early and make sure we had plenty of time.

First, I should probably say that we’ve only ridden bikes a handful of times this year. Of those times, I think once was a good ride and the rest not so good? So it’s not like we have a good track record.

The ride last night started out like all the others have. Delaney off in front pedaling along, and Caden very slowly pedaling in front of me. I immediately asked Caden if she really wanted to do this, because if she didn’t we could turn back now. She knew how much this meant to her sister, so after waffling a bit she said she would do it. Two minutes later she was asking when she could walk her bike. Not a good sign.

We biked on our street as far as we could, and then I told the girls to cross over to the other side of the street so we could get on the sidewalk. I asked Delaney twice but she clearly wasn’t listening, so I loudly said her name to get her attention. She immediately fell off her bike. Not a good sign.

Caden again asked when she could walk her bike. I told her there would be no walking.

Once we got on the sidewalk things actually improved. I think the cars whizzing by scared Caden a bit and she actually pedaled faster. And then Delaney turned back to look at us and just for good measure, stopped her bike. As Caden was about to run into her I yelled “DO NOT STOP PEDALING!” This has happened before and Caden runs into her and then everyone falls off and cries. Luckily, my yelling alerted Caden and she stopped just in time.

As we approached the church there was a weird break in traffic. This is a very busy street we have to cross so I told the girls “Pedal hard! All the way across!” Delaney however didn’t understand which street she was crossing and just crossed the side street, not the main street. And then of course a million cars came again. One guy stopped and was attempting to get other cars to stop (thank you, but I always feel weird about that because eventually, there will be a break and we will be able to cross without inconveniencing a bunch of people). Finally there was a break so we walked our bikes across, except I looked back and Caden and her bike were on the ground. I threw my bike on the ground across the street, ran back and grabbed them both. Seriously, can it get any worse?

In the church parking lot Delaney and I both got on our bikes and pedaled up to the bike rack. Caden punted and just ran her bike up there. She was very much all done with the biking. Delaney, on the other hand, was super excited and couldn’t wait to put her bike in the rack and was all “When are we doing this again?” Was she not on the same bike ride that I was?

The thing is, I like to bike. It’s not something I do a lot of though, so if it were something we did as a family, that would be fun. But clearly, we are not there yet. We need to get Caden some confidence on her bike, or every outing is going to be a massive fail. Unfortunately, I will likely pick the pool over family bike ride every time, so I’m not sure how this is going to happen. Oh! In case you were wondering how we got back home, I drove the truck and put their bikes in the back. No sense repeating that scene.

3 responses to “Not biking people

  1. LauraC says:

    Oh my goodness. I have had experiences like this, where I hate every moment and one of the kids LOVED it. Too much!

  2. Grammy says:

    Sorry, I can’t stop chuckling. I can just imagine this whole scene!

  3. […] (reheated ham for the win!) and headed out for a neighborhood bike ride. You may recall that last year our bike rides didn’t always go so well, so this year I’ve been adamant that they prove their skills around our circle before we […]

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