The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on July 23, 2013

I grew up in a town where religion was probably 50/50 Lutheran/Catholic. My family was mostly Lutheran, my school friends were Catholic. I was always a little jealous when my cousins would take about vacation bible school in the summer. I probably wanted to be dismissive of it, but it sounded fun. The Catholics never did fun things like sing songs and put on skits. We were missing out! So when I found out our church offered vacation bible school I was all over it.

Honestly, there were so many reasons I was excited for VBS. First, I get 2 hours of kid free time at home for five nights. For a single mom that is the holy grail. I can do whatever I want! I pay a babysitter $20 to come every two weeks to get just two hours of free time. Even then, I’m usually trying to fit 20 errands into those two hours and have to pare down to just what is the most urgent. Five nights of free time? I can sit home and do nothing if I really want to! The first night I gave the dog a bath. When else would I have time to do that? Never!

Aside from the me time, as a family we’re becoming more a part of our church community which I love. I love that we’re meeting other families, I love that they are making more friends, and I love that they are getting a solid spiritual foundation. And they’re having a blast! They are so excited each night to tell me about the songs they sang and the crafts they did. Last night they took me into the ‘Marketplace’ room to show me where they’re doing the crafts. It was set up with tents and stations and honestly, I can see why they love it so much.

So yes, VBS is a win for our family all around.

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