The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

I’ve got nothing

on July 17, 2013

1. It’s hot and humid around here. The oppressive kind of hot and humid. We’ve been hitting the pool because that’s the logical place to go when it’s this hot, but so has everyone else. Plus, the pool is exhausting.

1b. The building next door is doing some construction work on their roof and their workers have been going shirtless because it’s so hot. That can certainly brighten your day.

2. I’ve been trying really hard to avoid gluten lately because even tiny bits make me feel awful these days, but I’ve gotten inadvertently glutened twice lately and well, I feel awful.

3. Caden is already anxious about kindergarten and we are still six weeks out.

4. Both girls are actively planning out what they are going to ask Santa for for Christmas.

5. It’s my brother’s birthday today! I’m 99% sure he doesn’t read this blog, but Happy Birthday!

6. Lucy’s eyesight is much, much worse and thus she is very wobbly. She loves for me to throw her ball, but she mostly goes in circles until she sniffs it out. It’s heartbreaking.

7. Caden and I love Iconapop’s I Love It song and totally sing it at the top of our lungs in the car. Delaney hates it, which makes us love it even more. Poor Delaney, so tortured. (If you’ve had a bad day I highly recommend this song at top volume.)

One response to “I’ve got nothing

  1. Emma says:

    So funny that they’re already getting a list in mind for X-Mas. Boy, do they have a long wait!

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