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Matchy Matchy

on July 12, 2013

When the girls were little I put them in matching outfits all the time. It was easier to just grab two of the same outfits when picking out clothes in the morning, less to think about. But, as the girls grew older I went more with coordinating outfits rather than matching. And when they started daycare I really moved away from matching because I wanted their friends to be able to tell them apart. Now I’m kind of adamant against matching. They’re two different people!


Except all of the sudden they want to match each other and I really don’t have very many options. I bought these tank tops three years ago on sale at Old Navy, back when I was still buying matching outfits. Since we were going to Valleyfair, I decided it would be easier to keep track of them if they were wearing the same outfit, bonus that I’m indulging their matching whim. They decided they needed to have matching pigtails too. I even brought their matching swimsuits (again, easier to just look for the purple one piece when in a big crowd) and they were delighted. They kept saying “Do you think anyone can tell us apart?!”

This messed with my head all day long! I kept calling them by the wrong name. I would catch a blonde head and think it was Caden, only to realize a few minutes later that it was really Delaney. I hated it, but of course they loved it.


Last summer I bought the same t-shirt twice, in a size 4T at the beginning of the summer, and a 5T at the end. They couldn’t wait to match each other at school! They told me they didn’t fool anyone, but they had fun with it.

2 responses to “Matchy Matchy

  1. Amanda says:

    I cannot get over how big they have gotten. And I LOVE the striped shirts in the second pic. Big girls!

  2. Grammy says:

    Such artistic face painting!

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