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Summer Pool Night

on July 11, 2013

I’m a huge fan of going to the pool on week nights. If we time it right we get home, have enough time to eat a quick dinner, change, and get to the pool with just over an hour until close. A little time for the water slides, a little time for the sprinklers, and a little time to swim and dive. Then we head home, change into pajamas, snuggle, and hit the hay. Best part? No sunscreen needed!

It’s a bit of a rush, but summers are short and the weather is nice, so we do it. I can’t do it every night, but I try to get there at least twice a week if we can.

Earlier this week we were hitting the water slides hard because I had the energy and we were having fun thinking up different combinations. (You do the body slide, Caden & I will tube together. Caden tube solo, Laney and I will body slide. I will only carry one tube up, so we have to divide and conquer if everyone wants to do different things.)

Anyway, on that run Delaney was tubing solo and Caden and I were body sliding. They are two different lines, but we try to stay together as long as possible. As we were separating I handed Delaney her tube. She said “Thank you!” and then a quick “I love you mom”, a little under her breath, like it slipped out because she couldn’t hold it in. The mom in front of her looked at me and said “That is so sweet.”

It’s moments like that that remind me it isn’t the big things, it’s the little moments with kids. While there are times after work when all I want to do is crash on the couch, listening to my kids and hustling to the pool is really where it’s at.

One response to “Summer Pool Night

  1. Grammy says:

    You are so right. Not enough parents “get it”. Enjoy those precious moments.

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