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Put it to bed

on July 8, 2013

Wow, was that a week.

We have a new policy at work that forces us to take our vacation time in a timely manner. On one hand – yay! Vacation! On the other hand, ugh, bad timing. I was planning on just taking Friday off, but ended up taking the whole week off in a part staycation/part northern Minnesota vacation.

The schedule:
Monday – Girls to school, mom home to do projects, pool in the evening
Tuesday – Pool day
Wednesday – Valleyfair
Thursday – Jeff’s cabin
Friday – Jeff’s cabin
Saturday – Mom and Dad’s lake
Sunday – Home

Problem #1 – I planned too much. We were going every day, most of the day, and it was hot and sunny all week.
Problem #2 – Work intervened. It was a situation where I had to be available, so I ended up working mornings and evening/nights, as well as checking my phone all day, which meant I really was going all day long.

And so, I’m exhausted.

But, I learned a few things along the way, as you do.

Thing #1 – Give my girls some water and they are Happy. They are fish, through and through. I’ve been trying to figure out our vacation strategy for next year and the one and only thing I need to know is that there needs to be a pool/ocean/lake nearby and we’ll be good.

Thing #2 – Without the nap, we’re all a little worse for the wear. There were no naps all week, along with plenty of late bedtimes and it was bad for all of us. By Friday evening I was exhausted, by Saturday I was cranky, and Sunday I just wanted to be by myself. A nap means a break for everyone, and we just don’t get those anymore now that the girls are five.

Thing #3 – I love my family! We went up to my Uncle Jeff’s house in northern Minnesota (also the cabin I grew up going to) for the holiday and it was so fabulous. The girls are at the perfect age to run around and play. They talked to everyone, rode on tubes, jumped off the dock, and pedaled the paddle boat. It was exactly what a family vacation is supposed to be. There was one point where I thought to myself “There is no place I would rather be right now!” Love you family! Looking forward to next year!!

Thing #4 – We want chickens so badly! My aunt and uncle have four hens who lay eggs and we were all enthralled with them. I would love to have chickens, partly for the fresh eggs and partly for the ode to my childhood, but I think they would be too much for us. Luckily, the girls get to chase around the Peeps once a year and get their chicken on.

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One response to “Put it to bed

  1. LauraC says:

    If you move to NC, you don’t need to worry about trying to schedule water time in vacations 🙂

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