The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on July 3, 2013

The girls are very competitive with each other. Very. In all sorts of ways – cleaning, dance, swimming, bike riding. It generally works to my advantage because if one gets complimented on something, the other wants that as well. Luckily for everyone, they are fairly evenly matched.

I’m off work this week so I wanted to spend some quality time at home for at least part of the week. Yesterday was our day at the pool. We go there frequently in the evenings, but it’s always just for an hour or so. We were all excited to spend a few hours there.

We’ve been concentrating more on swimming since up and down the steps a lot is rough in this heat. We brought their dive toys out to the deeper water. Slight tangent, but one of the reasons I love our pool is because a large part of the pool is 2-3 feet deep. It’s shallow enough that they can stand and use their feet to push off, but deep enough that they can practice their swimming skills. Anyway, we are working on learning how to get to the bottom of the pool on their own.

Caden throws herself to the bottom of the pool and for the most part, can get down to her dive toy. Delaney actually has the flip/dive movement down, but can’t seem to get enough power to actually get to the bottom of the pool. It’s so crazy to watch it all play out in front of you. Caden throws her toy, grabs it, throws it, grabs it. Delaney dives, and dives, and dives, and dives. A few times Caden came over and grabbed Delaney’s toy off the bottom of the pool because it was taking Delaney too many tries. You should have heard the shouts at that one! Delaney was Pissed.

On the flip side, Delaney is a much better swimmer. She really uses her arms and can move. Total fish. Caden has this crazy ability to kick and flail her arms and go absolutely nowhere. It’s amazing.

Caden’s diving skills enrage Laney so much she really works harder at getting to the bottom of the pool. And Delaney’s swimming skills make Caden practice over and over. Twin powers activate.

One response to “Competitiveness

  1. Sue says:

    Such a great description of their differences. Have a grand day at Valleyfair.

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