The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

New car seats!

on June 28, 2013

car seat 1

The girls have been asking for new car seats for months. I really liked having them in the harness restraints though, so we stuck with our Britax Roundabouts for as long as we could. I started researching the booster car seats a few months ago thinking it would be a straight forward decision. Not so much! Some people recommended the cheapest car seat out there (of course from wal-mart). Others insisted I spend a ton of money on a new Britax so they could stay in the harnesses for even longer.

car seat 2

In the end I went with the Graco High back booster seat in a pattern that I don’t hate (who wants a bright pink thing in their car? Not me!). It’s been a bit of an adjustment. Of course just when we were about to switch, they figured out how to buckle themselves into their old car seats. Now they have to figure out the seat belts and buckling into these. They give them a little more freedom though, which they love. I love that I kind of get my back seat back. Someone can actually sit between these two car seats, which couldn’t happen with the old convertibles.

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