The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on June 26, 2013

Our power is back! My neighbor posted on Facebook that it was back, but I didn’t believe it until I saw my lights on for myself. While being without electricity was a nuisance, I kind of liked the simplicity and sense of adventure it forced on us. We hit the pool, went out for breakfast, and spent time with family.

I learned a few things over our 4.5 days without power.

1. Given silence, Delaney will fill it with chatter and song.
2. I really need to clean my refrigerator more often. Gross.
3. We don’t need tv. It’s nice to have, but it’s going to stay off a lot more this summer.
4. I love going out for breakfast! Why is it more expensive than going out for dinner?
5. The pool still rocks and is a great way to spend a hot summer evening.
6. When you’re zipping down the body slide it’s hard to be stressed about anything.

Six seems like an odd number to end a list on, but there you go.

2 responses to “Grateful

  1. Grammy says:

    Well, then I’m glad you tackled the job of cleaning out the refrigerator.

  2. LauraC says:

    Love the positive attitude about this!!

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