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First lost tooth!

on June 25, 2013

lost tooth

Everyone very clearly told me this was coming and yet, I still was surprised to see a gaping hole in Caden’s mouth and a tooth in her hand after bath time Saturday night.

So here’s what happened. Caden took a bath and while she was drying off, she had the towel in her mouth. I think she unwittingly grabbed on to the wiggly tooth and pulled it out, because I saw a white thing in her hand and her mouth started bleeding. We of course lost the tooth because everyone was so shocked at what was going on, and it was bleeding everywhere. We were at my parent’s house which is new and no one knows where anything is, so we had to scramble to find a washcloth to stop the bleeding. Then I got on my hands and knees to find the tooth (Delaney had already found it, but my dad didn’t think the long white thing was a tooth, so she gets the real tooth finding credit). My mom immediately put it in an envelope.

After pictures and congratulations, tooth fairy letter writing and Facebook posting, Caden went to bed and the tooth fairy hopped on Pinterest. The tooth fairy printed out a Tooth Invoice and glittered a $5 bill (people, she pulled it out herself! that absolutely pays extra). The tooth fairy then waited until Caden was sleeping hard and then very carefully pulled the tooth and her letter out, and slid the invoice and money under the bill. That was agonizing! I can’t wait until her tooth pillow arrives and there is no more under the pillow shenanigans.

I did feel bad because in the morning, she didn’t think the tooth fairy had come because she thought the invoice was her letter. It wasn’t until my mom asked her to open it up did she see her glitter money and the note. She was thrilled! And, so was Delaney (who woke her up to check because Lane just couldn’t stand it anymore).

The other tooth is also wiggly, so I have a feeling that one will come out soon. I need to print out more invoices and glitter up more money so I’m ready this time (thank goodness for grandparents with cash!). Delaney has been very supportive, but the other night she broke down and cried because she wants to lose a tooth too. She is eating carrots every chance she gets, and wiggling like mad, but I think she has six months or more before she loses a tooth.

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  1. […] two teeth, and Delaney’s was barely even wiggly. Oddly enough, she lost it very similarly to how Caden lost her first tooth. She had her blanket in her mouth and Caden pulled on it. Out popped the tooth! (Which we found!) I […]

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