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%@#$!@$ Storm

on June 24, 2013


Very quick post, since you may not hear much from me this week except for what I can post during the day.

Friday night a very bad storm rolled through the Twin Cities. We were actually west of town having family pictures taken, and so drove home through the aftermath. It was very eerie driving for miles and miles and seeing so many huge chunks of town and businesses completely black from the power outage. As we pulled into our street I saw the lights of a fire truck, a tree down in a neighbor’s yard, and people wandering around everywhere. Not what I was hoping to see! Turns out, our neighborhood was hit quite hard. My next door neighbor has four trees down, and one of my tall pine trees is (almost) down.

We slept at home that night and assessed the damage in the morning. The downed tree is too large for us to deal with, and so a tree removal company will have to take care of it. Since power wasn’t coming back anytime soon, we packed up what we could and headed to my parents for the night. It was a fun, spontaneous adventure and while it wasn’t what I had originally planned for the weekend, we got to swim and see Monsters University, so it was a win.

Sunday evening we stayed with my brother since he’s closer to the metro area than my parents. The girls were thrilled! Slumber party with their cousins! Sunday evening a few neighbors posted on Facebook saying power was back. Yay! Except cruel joke! Their power was back, our power was not. And may not be for several more days.

Everyone has been crazy generous offering us places to stay, but at this point I kind of just want to be at home if that’s at all possible and non crazy making. We’re headed out for dinner tonight and then to Target for supplies. I’m hoping it will be ‘fun’ to go out for breakfast a few times, and hey, I’ll have plenty of time to read my many library books right?

2 responses to “%@#$!@$ Storm

  1. Laura Case says:

    Not not not cool!!

  2. Jill says:

    Ick! Hope things are back to normal soon!

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