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A wiggly tooth and a chef

on June 19, 2013

delaney smile

Every night I pick out the girls outfits for the next day and set them on their dresser. Whoever is up first generally gets first choice, until Caden decided she was going to take matters into her own hands. It started out with her putting her chosen outfit under her pillow, and then escalated from there. Last night I went in to tell them lights out and they were both on the top bunk, both with underwear on their head. Caden piped up “I’m a chef!” Ha! Underwear went back on the dresser, girls were tucked in. I went back in before I went to bed to give a final kiss and noticed Caden was smiling in her sleep. So sweet! As I bent down to kiss her I realized she was wearing her polka dot top that I had laid out for the next day over her pajamas. What? I burst into laughter and then she popped up in her bed and said “I’m dressed!” Delaney was likewise dressed, outfit over her pajamas. These two crack me up!

lucy boat

Yesterday was also our semi-annual trip to the dentist. Guess who has two very loose bottom teeth? The girl who has bonked her chin four times in the last two months! Those teeth are going to be coming out soon. Guess who is completely grossed out by wiggly teeth? Me. I gagged when she wiggled them for me. They have been mildly loose for a year now, I had no idea they were as wiggly as they are. The hygienist told her to wiggle them a lot. I told her to wiggle them when I’m not around. I’ve told daycare they are in charge of this one, because I am not in. I intend to farm every loose tooth out to someone else – neighbor, relative, teacher – doesn’t matter. It just won’t be me.

3 responses to “A wiggly tooth and a chef

  1. Laura Case says:

    OMG! I just wrote a post very similar to this!

    Please learn from our mistakes. Jon pulled Alex’s tooth when it was pretty wiggly and it gushed blood FOREVER and it hurt him so bad. We waited with Nate’s tooth until it was so loose it was moving around on its own and it didn’t hurt at all.

    If it does happen at home, grab a washcloth and let them suck on it for a little bit to stop the bleeding…. otherwise you will freak out the other kid. That is a trick from my mom.

  2. Grammy says:

    Caden is always thinking one step ahead. Getting dressed at night is certainly a time saver. Hilarious!

  3. […] very clearly told me this was coming and yet, I still was surprised to see a gaping hole in Caden’s mouth and a tooth in her hand […]

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