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Fisher Girls

on June 18, 2013

fish 1

Both girls love to fish. Love! This is one of the activities they were most excited for our weekend at the cabin. Friday night they caught a bunch of fish off the docks. Big enough to actually keep! Saturday afternoon Caden caught this fish in about 30 seconds. We threw it back into the ‘ocean’.

fish 2

Delaney was not thrilled with her tiny catch. But! She did grab hold of it and toss it back in. I was so proud of her! After our first two catches, things slowed down considerably so Delaney headed to the pontoon with the rest of the relatives for snacks instead.

fish 3

But Caden stuck it out! She loves to cast and is just like me, if it doesn’t go to the exact spot she wants it, she reels it in and tries again. The fish around the dock are tiny, and the lake is clear enough that you can see them nibbling at your worm. She was fascinated by this.

fish 4

Okay seriously, check out this girl cast! She’s a pro!

fish 5

She would cast out, then plop down on the dock and wait. I could have died. I kept snapping pictures and getting her new worms. Such a perfect way to spend an hour.

2 responses to “Fisher Girls

  1. ceseeber says:

    Your amazing photos blow me away. Every time I have a single doubt about it the SMC is possible for me, I look at your pictures and think “that is what I aspire to have, memories that last a lifetime”!

  2. Sue says:

    The pictures are great, Erin. Why am I not surprised Caden has band aids on both of her legs. That girl. Miss them both.

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