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I’m in love

on June 14, 2013

soccer 2-2

Oh my gosh you guys, I’m so in love with soccer. You have to remember, I’ve spent the last three years watching gymnastics and dance inside, and being bored 75% of the time. Soccer is exciting!

soccer 2-3

I absolutely love watching these girls run and kick the ball. Caden has a really great rhythm, and can kick well with both feet. She’s just so athletic it slays me.

soccer 2-4

At this age they really aren’t supposed to have a goalie, but our coach put a kid in there, so they rotated through. It was warm, and with all the running the kids got tired. Delaney took this opportunity to make a new friend (admirer?) Mr. Green Shirt didn’t leave her side while she was in goal. She even stopped three balls from coming in!

soccer 2-5

Guess who scored the first (and only) goal? This girl! I was out of my chair jumping up and down and screaming! So proud of her. As a surprise to no one, I’m totally that parent that shouts encouragement and direction to their kids the whole game. Someone has to, right?

soccer 2-6

Next game I’m wearing a hat (the sun was right in our eyes), and bringing two water bottles. They both were overheated and definitely could have used more water. As far as the sun goes, pictures were difficult in the beginning, but I loved the light at the end of the game. Also, Caden got side stitches during the game. We ate before, but the internet says if you have issues with side stitches you shouldn’t eat for an hour before you run. Looks like we need to plan our Thursday evenings a little better.

One response to “I’m in love

  1. Mita says:

    That picture of Delaney and Green Shirt is so freaking adorable!!

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