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Safety First

on June 13, 2013

As the girls get older they’re also getting more independent. As a single mom, I’ve been waiting for this day. But, I”m finding there is a downside to this independence as well.

Aside from the obvious asking them to do some thing 14 times bit, we seem to be running into a lot of poor decisions around safety lately.

The least concerning was Tuesday night when Caden went into her room to change her dress. She came out in a different dress which surprised me because she can’t reach the dresses in their closet. I asked how she got it and she said “I took my shoe bin and put Delaney’s shoe bin on top of it and then I climbed up!” Yay! That sounds super safe.

The second time happened Sunday night. The girls were in bed but not settling down. Neither had had a nap all weekend, so I knew they were tired. Suddenly Caden came racing to the steps crying “Delaney cut my face!” What the WHAT?! It took a few tries to get the full story but here it is. Delaney had a string on her pajama shirt. Instead of asking me to cut it, Caden went out and got her a scissors. Then Caden made the scissors motion at Delaney, so Delaney used the actual scissors in a scissors motion towards Caden’s … face. And cut her. It bled. We had a very long talk about safety and scissors and the scissors that cut are kept up high and not allowed in their room anymore. You should have seen the looks on the daycare teachers face when I told that story.

Then there was Monday evening as we were walking across the (very) busy street to the parking garage. Delaney has been refusing to bring her backpack to school, so had all of her papers in her hand. She dropped her O is for Olive drawing in the street. She turned around to get it and I told her “Leave it! I’ll get it.” But no, she thought she could run back into the street to get it. I screamed “STOP!” Luckily, it was in the traffic lane that actually doesn’t have much traffic, but that could have been very bad.

Needless to say, we’ve had many talks about rules and independence, and asking Mom for help, and never ever running into the street. This is a phase right?

3 responses to “Safety First

  1. Grammy says:

    I am a little shakey just reading this! Can you wrap them in a cocoon until they are 30?

  2. LauraC says:

    Kids are so dumb.

    hahahahaha. I wish I could say that kids made good decisions but they have no judgement until they are adultish? I feel like age 5 we had to spend a lot of time talking about rules, particularly when out and about. Don’t grab things off the shelves at Target. Walk beside me. Etc.

  3. Amanda says:

    I think I told you this story? I knew I’d be able to be a mom the day, early in our relationship, when Joel and I were walking across the street leaving a Twins game. Claire was showing off that she was a big girl (she was 4) and didn’t want to walk next to her dad, so started heading toward a busy intersection. I thought my heart would explode! I leapt into the same lecturing mom mode, and could hear my own mother in my head the whole time. Like a switch had been flipped. Amazing.

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