The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Our Weekend

on June 11, 2013

Well really, our Sunday evening once the rain stopped and the sun came out!


If anyone was wondering how our garden was turning out, here you go. Grass/weeds everywhere! If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. At this point, I think I need to kill everything this fall, and then start reworking my soil next spring with some serious compost. How else will I get rid of the grass? Also, the %$@! bunnies ate our snap peas! I was wondering why they weren’t growing very tall so I looked closely and could see they have been nibbled off. The girls are sure Grampy has a bunny trap.

caden chin

Caden split open her chin a week ago Friday at a park with daycare. Enough to make me haul her upstairs and make every parent there look at it to see if I should take her in for more stitches. The consensus was no, luckily. Sunday we went to Trader Joe’s and both girls had carts. I knew something was going to go wrong because Caden was out of control, so I wasn’t surprised when I turned around to see her crying. I was surprised to see her clutching her chin and blood everywhere. Thank you Trader Joe’s for providing band aids and stickers. And we’re hitting the chiropractor tonight in hopes of getting her body back in sync again.


I put my camera up to my eye and Delaney instantly did this. This kid cracks me up! She was in such a giggly mood all weekend. I love to be in the next room and just listen to the stuff she comes up with her sister. Imagination is at an all time high right now.


Their coach told them to play soccer every day, so as soon as it stopped raining they got their cleats on and kicked the ball around. I’m super excited for their game this week!

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