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Soccer Season!

on June 7, 2013


Soccer season started last night! The girls have been beyond excited waiting for this day. Once we got there, they did not stop smiling.


I ordered their shorts and Delaney’s cleats from Zappos. I had grand plans to go to a sporting goods store, but online ordering is infinitely easier these days, and everything worked out so that’s a win.


We of course came fully prepared. Soccer shorts, cleats, socks with shin guards in them. Other kids came in jeans or leggings. But seriously, how adorable are they in their outfits?


There are two soccer programs in our town. One is run by community ed, the other by the soccer association that also does the travelling teams. The soccer association league was three times the price, so we went with community ed and hoped for the best. We have two awesome coaches, I could not be happier. They clearly know the sport, and know how to work with young kids, I think it’s going to be a great season.


Both girls expressed being nervous on the drive over. They were most worried about all of the strange adults that would be watching, but as soon as they got their t-shirts, they jumped into things and started immediately kicking the ball around.


This week was just a practice. They practiced kicking and passing and throwing the ball in. They went over the rules (No hands!) a few times.


Right at the end they scrimmaged the team that was sharing a field with us. It was mayhem, with 10 kids from each team out there. Caden looked a little dazed at first, but after a few minutes figured out what was going on. Towards the end she stole the ball from the other team and took it down towards their goal. It went out of bounds, but she was definitely on the right track!

One response to “Soccer Season!

  1. Grammy says:

    From ballerinas to soccer players!

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