The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Love Language

on June 4, 2013

Sleep has definitely been our biggest hurdle. My girls were awesome sleepers for their first six months, then teething wrecked things until they were two. Then it was separation anxiety for another two years. When they were finally old enough to really be out cold all night, they had issues *going* to sleep. Ugh. It’s definitely been the battle I’ve fought the most around here.

But, sleep happens easiest when I’m not fighting against what they really want, which is to be near me. Their love language is without a doubt Touch. Once I realized that, it became easier to solve the sleep problems, or at least minimize them.

In the evenings we spend 15-60 minutes on the couch together snuggled up. They want on top of me, in my lap if at all possible. If they don’t get that time with me, it’s a guarantee that they will be coming out of their room with at least a few “I need a drink!” requests.

The biggest treat of all is if they get to come downstairs once their sister is asleep and watch tv with me. That one on one time, snuggled under the blanket, whispering back and forth can do wonders for their attitudes. I’ve learned to not lead with an immediate no when they ask to come downstairs, but to instead assess the situation and see if they need some mommy time.

I’m heading out on a trip today for work. It’s just one night away, but I made sure that everyone got extra time snuggling with me last night. It’s easier to bank this time ahead of time, rather than pay the price of stressed out kiddos when I get home.

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