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Recital Weekend!

on June 3, 2013

We have been practicing their recital routines for what feels like forever, so we were all very happy and excited to see recital weekend finally arrive. Of course their recital was in the late afternoon, leaving all morning for various shenanigans and we definitely packed it in. Farmer’s Market, Old Navy, Target, mowing the lawn – I was exhausted and frankly happy to sit on my behind for 2.5 hours.

dance together

It was gloriously sunny all morning, right up until I had the girls in their costumes, hair done, and then it started raining. We took a few pictures in the screen porch but they are all some variation of awful, so I coaxed them outside in the sprinkles for a few.

both dance

Let’s talk about the recital for a second. I looked back through old posts and while I talked about going to a new studio and loving it, I didn’t really talk about why I chose this studio. In a nutshell, they are one of the top tier dance studios in the twin cities. When they go to competitions, they win it all. Also, it is incredibly organized and professionally run which is a huge bonus for me. I wanted the girls to go somewhere where if they wanted to, they could really go somewhere with dance. At Summit, they can really learn the dance fundamentals, and become an amazing dancer. They can also continue to take recreational lessons as long as they want, both options are there.

The opening number of the recital was the competition kids. I cried, the performance was that amazing. So many kids, all performing completely in sync, doing moves you mostly see on television. Every last kid on that stage could do turns for days, and not just a crappy pirouette, but a solid one where they don’t wobble as they come out of it. I was insanely impressed, and that feeling only became greater as the recital went on. THIS is why I brought my kids here. That feeling when you perform something perfectly, when you go into a routine knowing you are the best of the best and then executing, that is what I want my girls to know.

The recital was a mix of the competition routines and the recreational routines. My girls were the second youngest there, but knew their routine better than many of the older girls. I was so proud of them! I took these videos at dress rehearsal which is a bit of a bummer because they definitely performed better the day of recital.

First up, their ballet routine. In both routines the girls are in the front row, Delaney on the left, Caden on the right.

Their second routine was their tap routine. At the end they do a kickline. While they weren’t really in sync at the dress rehearsal, they nailed it at the recital and the crowd went wild!

And here’s a video of the competition kids doing Bad. This is just a minute of it unfortunately, but this routine was my favorite. The boy that comes out halfway through was in a lot of the competition routines and this kid was Amazing.

2 responses to “Recital Weekend!

  1. Grammy says:

    What an amazing opportunity for the girls to be part of this dance studio! They were so adorable and are on their way…

  2. Jen Berg says:

    I saw Summit’s performance of Bad at StarQuest. They were AMAZING. Very cool you have your daughters at this dance studio!

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