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Life with identical twins

I love three day weekends

on May 28, 2013

When was the last three day weekend we had? I think maybe February for Presidents Day? I remember going crazy on Monday and being so excited to get to work and peace and quiet on Tuesday. This weekend was the complete opposite! Praise be for decent(ish) weather.

First, Friday night I went out with my girlfriends for my birthday dinner. We batted around a bunch of ideas, but in the end I wanted to go somewhere and eat fabulous food that just so happened to be gluten free for me. We did exactly that and it was so much fun. It was great food, great company, and I totally felt celebrated which was amazing.

So Saturday I was a little hungover. This girl doesn’t drink much anymore, so possibly the wine pairing with each course preceded by champagne was a little enthusiastic. We got a slow start, but eventually hit the road for the lake. Once there I went inside for a nap, while the girls helped my dad with various projects. My mom and I took Lucy for a walk, we had a great dinner of chicken, bacon, pineapple skewers with a dessert of s’mores.

The weather was low 60’s and chilly, and Sunday was going to be more of the same. There is only so much you can do when it’s this chilly and you have no projects, so we made the decision to eat breakfast and then head out. This was perfect because we were home by lunch and I was able to get the house clean, the sheets washed, the kids got a bath, and we watched The Incredibles. So productive!

Which meant Monday was a day to do whatever we wanted. I made breakfast, mowed the lawn, fed them lunch, and realized it was only 1:00. Holy moley, what were we going to do the rest of the day?! I weeded, but that only takes so long! We ended up doing some baking and then eating an early dinner. I may have put the girls to bed early (they needed it), but they didn’t even realize it because most of our day was shifted forward 30 minutes anyway.

This week is a little crazy with a makeup dance class, dress rehearsal, and recital, so it was really nice to be productive and feel like our house is in good shape right now. And we’ll all start the week off with a good nights sleep.

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