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Stitch Fix #7

on May 24, 2013

I got another box of clothes in the mail from Stitch Fix! I probably wouldn’t have blogged this one, but Delaney was really excited to take pictures so here you go.

(If you need a brief description on Stitch Fix, you sign up on their site, give them your style profile, and they send you 5 clothing items in the mail which you can try and keep or return. I love it.)

The plus side of these pictures? It was after work so my hair is actually done and I have makeup on. The downside? We never did figure out a good spot for Delaney to sit to take them.


First up, a navy ponte seam detail sleeveless dress. This dress clocked in at $88. I love it! It’s neutral, I could wear it just like this, or throw a cute cardigan over it. Great fit, done and done. Plus, since I had $80 in credits, this dress was essentially free.

dress 2

3/4 sleep wrap dress. This was priced at $98. I like the dress alright. It’s flattering and work appropriate, but the material was really thin. It kind of felt like pajamas, but not in the good way. I expect more from a $100 dress. Sent it back.

top shorts

I realize my head is cut off here, but this is the best picture that shows both the shirt and the shorts. Let’s start with the shirt. Sheer, polka dot, green, billowy. No. I think it was priced around $60? Moving on to the shorts. Let’s start out with the fact that I am not a shorts girl. I always thought my thighs were too big and they weren’t flattering, but look at that – they are flattering! Maybe I’ve just lost a lot of muscle, but suddenly I like my legs in shorts! They’re cream, fit perfectly, and were $58. I kept them.

The fifth item was an awful paisley scarf that never even made it out of the packaging. Keeping with my past experiences, I kept two out of the five items. Since I feel like I have more than enough summer clothes at this point, I scheduled my next Fix for September. I’m hoping to take a break from shopping this summer and stash a little money away.

3 responses to “Stitch Fix #7

  1. Amy says:

    I had decent luck with my first Fix, but completely struck out this time around. I think I’ll schedule another one for sometime soon, as I really do need more cute summer clothes!

  2. Kyla says:

    But don’t sign up for Stitch Fix if you’re plus-sized, because they don’t seem to have any interest in doing anything but harvesting your email, because they don’t disclose that they provide their service in larger sizes. Feh.

    That navy dress is super-cute on you!

  3. Amanda says:

    I’m wearing the dress from my first fix today! I adore it, and wish I could post a picture! I kept a funky tank top from the second fix, which I wore on Tuesday. I also got a hideous paisley scarf in the second box. I bet it was the same one. Those shorts look great on you! I haven’t worn shorts since sometime in the early 90s. 🙂

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