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Garden v2013

on May 23, 2013

I looked through old entries to see if I had any good pictures of the garden, but I couldn’t find any. It’s attached to the swing set, and used to be a sandbox. A few years ago we doubled it in size which was great, except we didn’t actually take out the grass, we just plowed it under. So for the last few years my garden looks great for a few weeks, and then it’s inundated with weeds/grass. I can stay on top of things for a little while, but then it’s just overtaken and I scale back to harvesting tomatoes and letting everything else go.

garden 1

This year I wanted to take a different tack. I had seen articles where people put down newspaper to keep weeds out. This seemed to be something people did around flower/shrub plantings, but I figured I could use the same philosophy in my garden. I planned out my row, pulled away the dirt, lay down the newspaper, then piled dirt back on top of the newspaper. New row, more newspaper.

garden 2

The first row of newspaper was covered very well, the rest not so much. Somehow I didn’t seem to have enough dirt to cover. But! After a few days of rain, it all looks fine. I’m hopeful that this will keep at least some of the weeds out.

We also planted a few different things this year. Since I don’t eat pasta anymore, I only planted two tomato plants. We also have one bell pepper plant. We planted one row of snap peas, two rows of carrots, and a row of swiss chard. We also did one mound of watermelon, one of cucumbers, and two acorn squash (I think). I’m excited! It’s a little different mix than in previous years, which I think will be good.

4 responses to “Garden v2013

  1. Grammy says:

    Looks Martha Stewart-like to me. Here is some competition for the Grunst Retreat garden.

  2. Amanda says:

    Why no pasta? There are lovely gluten-free versions these days! One of my faves is the Target Archer Farms brands.

  3. Amanda says:

    Ah! Makes perfect sense. I’m very picky about what I will eat as leftovers, and pasta is the one ingredient that I know won’t let me down. I could never quit it! (Joel went GF at the start of the year, after two years of constant headaches and flu-like symtoms. He feels so great now, so I’ve adopted GF most of the time, too. I definitely feel less bloaty!)

    You’re such a well-researched person that I’m sure you’ve seen this site, but just in case: I’m hoping to try the chocolate avocado ice cream this weekend! I’ll be in MN for just a couple of days, and if we hide the avocados, I bet Claire will eat it.

    • Erin says:

      When I eat completely GF, I feel so much better. Especially if I’m heavy on lean proteins and vegetables. But, I have my weaknesses and too often just cop out because gf can be hard if you’re eating out.

      I haven’t seen that blog! I generally lean towards paleo blogs because so many of the gluten free blogs focus on baking gluten free which isn’t something I”m focused on. She looks to have some interesting recipes though, so I’ll have to check it out! That ice cream looks delicious. I love avocado and will eat just about anything it’s in (except avocado frozen yogurt, that was gross).

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