The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

One up, one down

on May 17, 2013

Thursdays are my work from home day. It’s a day where I generally have zero meetings, and can just hole up at home and get things done. Yesterday I had plans of getting the girls up early and downtown so that I could come home and get a run in before work. Except, as they were getting ready I heard someone make a sound that you never want to hear. I peeked my head into the bathroom just in time to get Laney over the toilet.

As we were gathering things in the kitchen she got that look on her face again so I shoved a bowl in front of her. Caden got the most terrified look on her face and ran out the back door. Caden has a pretty decent gag reflex when it comes to smells, so she made sure she was nowhere near.

We spent the day at home together and it was very nice. She watched tv for a while, she played on my laptop. I had one conference call so I plugged her headphones in and let her continue with her games. With about 15 minutes left in my call she asked if she could play her ipod in her bed. Sure! By the time my call was done she was fast asleep. Poor kiddo.

My kids aren’t sick all that often, so when it does happen I’m always a little thrown off balance. Stomach virus now? No other kids in her class are sick. Food poisoning? Doubtful. Either way it only lasted the morning, and for that, I’m extremely grateful because today is my birthday and my mom and I are going shopping. A sick kid would have definitely foiled those plans.

Oh! I took Caden to the chiropractor the other day. She’s been saying her neck hurts, and with all of her falls and head bonks (4 in one month) I felt it was prudent. Her back and neck were very off, so it was much needed. We talked about her clumsiness and her growing and he thinks she’s growing faster than her body can handle. We’re hoping monthly adjustments will help reset her nervous system and help her cope a little better.

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