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Switching Lenses

on May 15, 2013


I have two lenses for my camera, a 50mm 1.8 and a 25mm 2.8. Both lenses were incredibly reasonably priced, and have served me well. Because of the camera body I have, the 50mm acts more like an 85mm, and the 25mm acts more like a 50mm. Consequently, while the 50 takes gorgeous shots with buttery bokeh, it also takes super close ups that just don’t work in a lot of situations where I don’t have room to back up. So for the most part, the 25 stays on my camera.

Lucy close screen

Since I was trying to get my photography mojo back I put the 50 on just to mess around with the girls. I kind of forgot that I had it on but kept taking pictures with it. When I pulled them into Lightroom I thought – whoa! That shot actually turned out! There’s Lucy! In all her glory that I’ve been trying to capture for years, but couldn’t do with my 25.

umbrella 2

And hey! There’s my model Delaney with carrot juice around her mouth. I was going to do some sort of photo a day challenge in May, but then Lucy got sick and life just hasn’t really righted itself since. I kept thinking I would just start on the 3rd! Or the 5th! But that never happened either.

lucy full

Instead, my photography challenge for the month of May is going to be to keep my 50mm lens on my camera, and find ways to take pictures with it this month. To see what shots I can find, to see what bokeh I can capture, to see which close ups find me.

One response to “Switching Lenses

  1. Laura Case says:

    I would keep the 50 on! Much more flattering focal length for people!

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