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Flower Planting v2013

on May 14, 2013

Back in the day I shopped for and planted all of my flowers by myself. But that’s not that fun, plus it always needs to happen around my birthday and Mother’s Day, so might as well make it a family adventure. It’s fun to look at our flower planting adventures throughout the years. The girls have definitely gone from being mildly in the way to actually being really helpful.

flowers 1

We have our routine down. My dad loads up a wheel barrow full of dirt, I fill the containers 3/4 full with wet leaves, and my mom and the girls plant the flowers. My dirt was awesome this year, we didn’t have to augment with anything. Every fall I dump all of my pots in the corner of my backyard and let everything compost over the fall and winter. It makes for lovely dirt the next spring!

flowers 2

My poor dad. He was in charge of seeding the lawn. He had to push this heavy seeder thing and haul the big seed bags around. I’m now watering like a crazy person in the hopes that this is the summer my lawn makes a turn around back to green and lush.

flowers 3

I want to do a post on this, but I kept my 50mm lens on my camera this weekend and was wowed with some of the pictures I got from it. Shots I’ve tried to get in the past actually came through! Love this close up.

flowers 4

This kid would not stop planting. Delaney took a break and went inside to listen to her music, but Caden kept at it. Shoveling dirt into the containers, sprinkling osmocote, picking out plants, digging and watering. Gardening is in her blood! She maybe pushed it a little too far though, since she had some trouble sleeping. I have to remember that this one needs more breaks than her sister.

flowers 5

At the end my mom gave her a pot and all the leftover flowers. It’s a mishmash of petunias, snapdragons, and impatiens but she is insanely proud of it.

flowers 6

So pretty! My goal for the summer is to teach the girls how to water efficiently enough that it can be their chore. I love watering for about a week, and then I lose interest. But I love my beautiful containers! So hopefully this can be Caden’s thing.

One response to “Flower Planting v2013

  1. Bobbi says:

    You amaze me Erin

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