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Life with identical twins

Cannot wait for June

on May 9, 2013


First, here’s a picture of Lucy I took on Monday. Can you see how she tilts to the right? That’s kind of her mode these days. She has her moments when she’s upright, but if she’s tired at all she lilts. We are one week out now and she’s probably about 80% recovered. She’s just starting to eat again, so I think there is more recovery to be had yet.

soccer 1

Soccer! They are both soccer crazy right now. Every day we talk about how much longer until June when soccer starts.

soccer 2

I realized tonight that our weekends are pretty booked up through June, so we probably need to hit a sporting goods store soon in order to get cleats, shin guards, etc.

soccer 3

I seriously cannot wait to see what happens to these two when faced with an actual soccer game. Will they cling to my legs? Will they get in and get dirty? Will they do cartwheels instead?

One response to “Cannot wait for June

  1. Grammy says:

    I am seeing Olypmpic potential here.

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