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Daycare Parents

on May 8, 2013

There have been a flurry of birthday parties from Caden’s class lately. I think we’ve been to four in the last month? She has a really great group of kids in her class, and I get along with all of their parents so it’s nice to actually have a conversation with them rather than just saying hello at pickup. But, it’s interesting to hear the stories their kids come home with because either my two are oblivious, or they just don’t tell me these stories.

From September until February (?) there were only 10 kids in Caden’s class, and two of those (both girls) were part time. Because they were such a small class they became really tight friends. Caden came home talking superheroes and Princess Leia and I loved it. Turns out, the boys think of her as one of ‘their crew’. The other girls they won’t really play with, but Caden is always welcome.

One of the boys thinks Caden is the most beautiful girl in the world! One day he’s going to marry her and then he’s going to kiss her on the lips!

Two of the other boys think Delaney is the most beautiful girl in the world.

A few of them are jealous of Caden’s lunches and go home and ask their parents to make them a home lunch “because Caden’s lunch looks so good!”

We’re all a little bummed that everyone is from different corners of the metro and come September, these kids won’t see each other again. We really are so lucky in that both girls have friends that are good kids, and both classrooms have a good vibe going. I’m hoping they can enjoy the next four months, but September is going to be rough!

One response to “Daycare Parents

  1. Laura Case says:

    The transition was easier than we thought, for us. It was a sad day to say good bye to everyone, but then exciting to make and meet so many new friends!

    I had a dream last night that I came along with you guys to Florida to do family photos for you!

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