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Weekly Menu Plan 5/5/13 – 5/11/13

on May 5, 2013

Here’s our gluten free weekly menu plan.

Last week we seemed to have an abundance of groceries already in our fridge, so I bought a rotisserie chicken and figured we’d eat it in different ways throughout the week. That didn’t work so well. I need a plan when I get home, not the hope that I can look in the fridge and magically come up with a meal. That said, we only ate out once and given our week last week? That’s a huge win.

Sunday – Mexican Polenta Pie. This recipe was so disappointing I went back and left a comment on the recipe. I love polenta, but everything got lost in this dish. The beans/pork had no flavor, the proportions of things were off, and after a long day working outside I just wanted a good meal! Two thumbs down. Sadly, this will also be my lunch tomorrow and Tuesday, so let’s hope it reheats better.

Monday – Berry baked oatmeal. I actually made this for breakfast Sunday morning, knowing there would be plenty of leftovers for dinner Monday night. Everyone loved this! The only con to this is that it has to bake 45 minutes, so it isn’t a quick meal.

Tuesday – Creamy Chicken Taquitos.

Wednesday – Burrito Bowls.

Thursday – Beef & Cheddar sausages on the grill. We bought these today at Costco. I LOVE finding foods that proudly say – No MSG, No nitrates, gluten free!

Friday – Anyone’s guess. Leftovers? Out to dinner?

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