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Start the Countdown

on May 3, 2013

This is probably going to be a jumbled post and for that I apologize. I’m exhausted tonight as I type this. Worry and emotional breakdowns take a toll on a girl.

Lucy. The emergency vet wanted my regular vet to keep her for the day for supervision. She was eating and drinking, but still very wobbly when walking. We dropped her off, I took the girls to school, and then the vet called and basically said I could pick her up. She was hydrated and there was really nothing they could do. I got a few hours of work in and picked her up. She still can’t walk, but her eyes are still going back and forth quite a bit, so that is to be expected. I feel like her eyes are better than they were in the morning, but she still has a ways to go on recovery. I had really hoped that she would recover quickly, but she’s old and it’s going to take some time. Everything I’ve read tells me she will recover though, so it’s just a matter of time.

I have her in the basement right now. It’s carpet down there, so easier for her to stand up on than hardwood floors. It’s also quieter down there and more confined, both of which should be good for her. She’s clearly exhausted because every time she falls asleep she snores loudly. I’m hoping a night of solid rest will be good for her. eta: She’s doing much better this morning! She walked outside this morning mostly by herself. I think being home and getting good sleep is really helping.

Daycare scheduled all of the field trips for the entire summer (instead of doing it month by month) and sent out the list this week. I maybe wasn’t quite prepared to write out a $350 check, but as I was writing it out I realized that this is the LAST field trip/music class check I’ll be writing! Hallelujah! Start the countdown, my days of spending twice my mortgage on daycare are almost over! Four more months to go.

Also? It’s my birthday month, which my client/friend reminded me of today. I’m still trying to make my peace with turning 40, so I’ve decided to embrace birthday month and see if that turns the tide.

3 responses to “Start the Countdown

  1. Laura Case says:

    40!! Is fabulous! And just think, you have some awesome plans for October and we will definitely celebrate.

    It is so so so so nice not paying for school. SO NICE.

  2. Mita says:

    I’ve been 40 for four months now and still haven’t quite made peace yet. Maybe I’ll get there by the time I turn 41, lol.

  3. Scott says:

    Really can’t believe my “Poopsie” is going to be 40. That must mean I am……60?

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