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Happy Girl

on May 1, 2013

caden smile

This kid is SO happy right now. Even her teachers at school commented on it. April 29 was my original due date and for whatever reason, Caden still really seems to track more to that date than to her birthday. Her upswing always comes two months after their birthday (and Delaney’s upswing). She’s been nonstop coloring, saying the funniest things, and giggling all the time. She’s an absolute joy and I just want to bottle this time up so I can remember it always.


She’s also growing like a weed. Yesterday she ate three waffles for breakfast. Above is her lunch – ham sandwich, carrots, crackers, egg white, strawberries, applesauce, and cookies. She ate everything but the egg white and a few crackers. On the way home from work she ate the other half of Delaney’s ham and cheese sandwich from Jimmy John’s (Surprise! It’s ravioli for lunch! Meant a run for a slim #1). At home she ate buttered noodles, edamame, chicken, and blueberries, then finished the night off with a carnation instant breakfast drink with 2% milk. Where does she put it indeed!

One response to “Happy Girl

  1. Grammy says:

    The tiny one is growing up so quickly. She can be very quiet one minute and a regular chatter box the next. Her giggle makes my day!

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