The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on April 29, 2013

caden sunshine

The weather has finally turned warm. We went from six inches of snow to 80 degrees and sunny in the span of … days? People have been saying “Only in Minnesota!” but I’m not sure we should act like it’s such a good thing. Anyway, even though we helped my parents move into their new house on Saturday, we still made sure to get outside and enjoy.

caden kick

Caden and I kicked the soccer ball around for a bit. Delaney was not so into soccer at this stage of the day, I believe she was inside organizing my mom’s excessive tupperware collection. But, she did come out later and kick the ball around with my SIL for a while. Both girls are (I think) relatively good at kicking the ball. The larger question is whether or not they’ll get in there when it’s a group of kids.

caden kick 2

Soccer doesn’t start until June 6, so we have some time to practice and prepare. And hopefully it will be a nice weekend! I think some groups were supposed to start a few weeks ago? That probably didn’t go well.

One response to “Finally

  1. Jen Berg says:

    Noah’s spring lacrosse season started 3 1/2 weeks ago and has yet to play an actual game. They’ve been cancelled due to weather. He’s getting antsy and is very much ready to get on that field and play some competition.

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