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Stitch Fix #6

on April 25, 2013

I completely debated blogging about this month’s Stitch Fix, but I have no fun stories to share today, so you get me in various outfits! I took these Sunday afternoon, right out of the shower (when will I learn?). Delaney was still sleeping, so I had Caden snap a few but they were all horribly blurry. The kitchen had some decent light so I set up in there and used the self timer.

You can see my previous Fix’s here, here, and here. You fill out a style profile with Stitch Fix, and they send you a personalized box of clothes. I’ve had fairly decent luck with this service, getting cute tops and accessories. Plus, so convenient!

Every time I look through my box of clothes I think “This could be the time I keep all five pieces!” Not this time, although they all had promise.

black shirt

First up, black diamond shirt with cream ankle length jeans. Love them both! The jeans fit really well, and will be perfect for spring/summer. I love that the shirt goes with the jeans, giving me an easy outfit. The jeans were $88 (completely reasonable) and the shirt was $75 (more than I wanted to spend but I liked it).

blue shirt

Next up, jersey turquoise weird neck shirt. I liked that this was long, and also that it looked cute with the jeans, but no. It clung in all the wrong places, and the neck was just weird. Also, for the price (which escapes me, but likely around $65) I want more than jersey.


I keep requesting dresses and they keep sending me jersey dresses that don’t fit me. See above, I look like a linebacker. The girls loved this dress. It twirled, it was a great color, they couldn’t understand why I sent it back. But I had no shape, and it still wasn’t work appropriate.

The last piece was a gold hammered coin necklace. I requested a shorter gold necklace, but they sent me one very similar to another I have and hate, so back it went. Once again, I liked two out of my five pieces. I wore the shirt out to dinner that night, and I can’t wait for the weather to warm up a bit to wear the jeans. Perfect!

For my next Fix I said – No more jersey! And I asked for dresses. I’m interested to see if they have anything in cotton? We shall see.

5 responses to “Stitch Fix #6

  1. Grammy says:

    I love the black shirt! Time for me to fill out my profile and get going with this.

  2. LauraC says:

    I think jersey dresses might be a material to wear in your 20s. (deciding this for myself as well)
    Super fun! I haven’t signed up bc I work from home and have more nice clothes than I can deal with.

  3. Julie muraski says:

    Hi Erin…I was going to try the Stitch and it looks like if you refer me you get 25 but it does not give me a place to put your name in. I love the diamond shirt.

  4. that girl says:

    Hi. The turquoise shirt is pretty with your eye color. 🙂

  5. Jill says:

    Love the pieces you kept! The diamond shirt and jeans are my favorite. I got that dress in my box as well. I kept wanting to like it, but it just clug in all the wrong places.

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