The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

Push Them

on April 24, 2013

We’ve been doing gymnastics for three years now? They started out in Tumbletots, graduated to Crickets, and now they are in Crickets II. We spent way too much time in Crickets though. Last session was awful. Their coach was nice and enthusiastic, but she acted like we were just there to kill time. Every week was the same. High kicks across the beam, frog jumps across the tramp, three swings on the uneven bars. Yawn. My girls can do that in their sleep! In fact, they did more challenging things in Tumbletots when they were two!

So this session I cornered their new coach and asked what types of things they would be doing. If they weren’t going to advance their skills, we were out. I don’t expect them to be doing backflips, but cartwheels would be nice you know? She promised that starting the next week she would be pushing the girls and doing much more advanced things with them than she’d done that first week. Thank goodness.

She has absolutely kept her word. Every week they start out with an obstacle course (every class does this). In the obstacle course alone she has them doing things they weren’t doing last time around! Pull arounds and toe touches on the uneven bars, spin jumps on the trampoline, the girls are grinning from ear to ear the entire time.

Once the move out into the equipment she has them do circuits. Bunny hops across the low beam, tuck jumps down the trampoline, and then over to her to do high kicks across the high beam with minimal help. Kids who cannot remember to get dressed and put their shoes on in the morning, can remember all of the different circuits. This week she had them doing moves that were clearly meant to strengthen their core muscles. I loved it! Their confidence has grown leaps and bounds, all because she is expecting more out of them than they’re used to.

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