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Let’s discuss this some more

on April 19, 2013

Since we got six  eight inches of snow yesterday, my mind couldn’t help but wander back to moving somewhere warm. I’ve got options on either coast. As far as the west coast goes, I’m familiar with San Diego. My client is there, my uncle is there, I’ve made a ton of trips there. But, I also know that housing is expensive there, and there aren’t really seasons. Minnesotans are big on the seasons.

As far as the east coast goes, North Carolina intrigues me. The problem? I’ve never been there. Laura – we’re coming for you this fall! Late October? I like that the climate is warm, but they still have all four seasons. Housing is cheap and there are jobs in my field. I also kind of like that if I moved there I would have to switch jobs. If I’m away from my family and everyone else, I’m not travelling for work anymore.

But that is really the crux of it, being away from my family and friends. It would be hard, but would the lifestyle change be worth it? I would need to find a new support system and for an introvert like me, that can be difficult. I also know that my girls (and me) would miss my parents like crazy. I worry about growing even further apart from my brother, and spending all of our vacation time flying back to Minnesota. Then again, my parents are getting closer to retirement. Perhaps they can spend winters in NC?

So I’m throwing it out there. Have you moved away from family? What worked? What didn’t? How quickly did you adjust? Did you love it or did you move back?

I’ll be honest, I’m not looking to move anytime soon, and if I did, I would likely rent out my house in MN and try things out for a year. I do feel like I’m ready for a change though. Our house is small and cramped, so in a few years we’re going to need to make a change there anyway. I’ve been at my company for a long time, I’m feeling ready to make a change there too. Maybe these are the signs I need to give myself a push?

5 responses to “Let’s discuss this some more

  1. Moving is hard unless you’re really mentally ready for it. My plan is to move to NC after Lily graduates so if you make it there for 8 years, I can help with the girls! 🙂

  2. Grammy says:

    That’s a lot to think about on this Friday morning! I wish we had been planted in a warmer climate. I have no love for winter or snow. Can’t imagine having you and the girls farther than a car ride away, but know that we would adjust. And we are looking for a retirement spot to spend the winters.

  3. Bobbi says:

    Erin we are only gone for 6 months out of the year and I miss my girls like crazy. I do know that they miss me as well and have a hard time with us gone for so long. I fly home a couple of times a year and that helps all of us. I do know that Len and Kel miss their support system during those 6 months as well but they have adapted but they are two not just one. My thought (after I get rid of the awful feeling in my gut for you all ) is that everyone will adjust and you need to follow your dreams….

  4. Laura Case says:

    Way too many thoughts for a blog comment so email me after this!

    So when Jon and I were in Chicago, we were not happy about the weather, the cold, the lack of nature areas, etc. Everyone told us that you can be happy anywhere you are. What we learned is that it is NOT TRUE. Moving to a place that we love has made every day more awesome.

    What we did, and of course is very Type A and project managery, is made a list of our must-haves, our would like to haves, and our can not haves. After that, we made a list of potential cities. Then we visited. Raleigh had everything on our must have and most of our would like to haves. The *only* thing it does not have is being close to family.

    But what we’ve learned is that you develop a support system outside of family. I have many friends that are like family, driving me to doctor appts and keeping me company when Jon is gone. People I can call at 2AM when crap goes down.

    I’ve moved a lot (Florida to LA to SF to Chicago to Raleigh) and each time, it takes about a year to start to develop friends. But with kids, it is easier. You have the school connection, the mom connection, the twin mom connection. You just have to put yourself out there.

    And… there is never a good time to uproot your life and move. Never. Sometimes you just have to have a leap of faith. For us, buying the beach house was not on the 2012 plan but it started in our hearts and once we started to think about it, we saw the signs everywhere.

    And PS April and October are THE BEST months in Raleigh. RIght now everything is in bloom, it is ridiculously beautiful. In October, we still have warm days but tons of color on the trees. You are always welcome to stay here!!

  5. […] vacation to North Carolina was planned last spring when it snowed in MAY. I wanted out and I wanted to move and I booked this trip to a) visit Laura and family and b) check […]

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