The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on April 17, 2013

One of my great parenting joys is scaring the bejesus out of my children. There is nothing I love more than a sneak attack “BOO!” and watching them jump three feet in the air, and then dissolve into giggles. I do it every chance I get because honestly, who else can you scare? It’s not like I can do this to my coworkers. My kids are my only shot at this.

So imagine my joy when we pulled into the garage last night. Delaney was out of her carseat first. I got Caden out and was just hitting the garage door when I heard “Boo!” and then Caden saying “I wasn’t scared!” I LOVE that Delaney tried to scare her, especially since I hadn’t just done it. (Right after I scare them, they love to try to scare me but they are not so subtle so my screams are faux.) Who knows if Caden was truly scared or not? Delaney saw an opening, hid, and took her shot!

One response to “Boo

  1. Grammy says:

    That Laney has the sweetest sense of humor. Her little mind is always working.

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