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Life with identical twins

Who’s on top?

on April 16, 2013

Before the bunk beds arrived, both girls talked a big game about who was going to take the top bunk. But, I knew it would not be so easy. Caden gets up in the middle of the night fairly frequently and crawls into bed with me. She is never to rarely actually awake when she does this. Do I want a half asleep girl trying to navigate a top bunk and ladder? No, no I don’t. And so Delaney was awarded the top bunk.

Once the bunks were set up Delaney very excitedly crawled up there. Wouldn’t you know it, a spider was crawling along the ceiling, right above their beds and she spotted it. She freaked out. I couldn’t believe it! First time up there and she spots a spider!

The first night she talked her sister into the top bunk to keep her company. Before when they would sleep together I would separate them when I went to bed. Can’t do that anymore! They woke up at 2am crying and came into bed with me.

Night #2 was perfection. Delaney slept on top, Caden slept on the bottom. All night. They even took two hour naps in their bed on Saturday. I thought we were over the hump!

And then came Saturday night (#3). Delaney tried to talk Caden into taking the top bunk. Caden agreed for a brief moment, and then freaked out. But, Delaney still wanted to sleep on the bottom bunk, so they snuggled up there and fell asleep. When I went to bed I did everything I could to scoot both of them closer to the wall to no avail. At 2am Delaney fell out, bonked her head, and everyone came into bed with me. Oops.

I knew this ‘Who’s going to sleep on top?’ thing was not going to work so I took Delaney aside and told her I really needed her to claim the top bunk as her own. If she did this, we’d work something out for every time she stayed in her bed all night. ‘Like Starbucks?’ Sure. Sunday night was perfection again, with both of them sleeping all night in their own beds. I’m hoping this is all worked out now, and we can all get back to sleeping peacefully.

2 responses to “Who’s on top?

  1. Bobbi says:

    Erin I so love reading your posts 🙂

  2. Alanna says:

    This post made me laugh since I can relate. 🙂 We got a bunk bed for my son and he talked a big game of the top bunk too (before the bed arrived.) Both of the older kids regularly sleep together on the bottom bed (full-size) and have only slept on the top bunk a handful of times. I think it loses it’s appeal quickly for kids…not sure why. Hopefully Delaney will claim it as her own! 🙂

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