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Big Girl Room Reveal

on April 15, 2013

It feels really, really good to have the girls room mostly done! There are a few things here and there that need to be done yet – where to hang the clock, a pink rug, possible mirror – but overall, it’s complete and I love it.

I used Pinterest a ton to keep track of everything I was thinking for this redo. I know Pinterest takes a lot of heat for all of the crazy crafts and recipes that are on there, but I think it’s ideal for things like this. My inspiration for this room was pinned well over a year ago, and it was a great place to keep my thoughts and purchases organized.

Because I painted the room a few weeks ago, it meant our house has been in a bit of limbo since then. I hate limbo. But, a lot of things just couldn’t go back in until the bookcase and dresser showed up. Luckily, everything came this week so it was nice to put it all back in quick succession.

A quick photography note. I took these pictures around 3:30, so the light was fading and it was a grey, sleety day so it wasn’t like I had a chance at light anyway. I also had the pink lamp on, and didn’t realize the crazy pink castoff it was giving until later. I thought I had retaken most, but I didn’t get another shot of the bunk beds. Either way, I feel like the color of the walls is a bit off, and the furniture is whiter than it appears. Perhaps use this as a reason to see the room in person?


You see the beds as you walk in the door. My mom says you notice the chandelier a lot more now, which is true. I feel like the blue gives the room a calming feeling, while the raspberry duvet covers give it a pop of color. When I was looking aqua/raspberry inspiration I found a link to a blog where the mom did her girls room in these exact colors. At the bottom was a link to where she redid the room again, six months later. The pink was too much, so she scaled it back with more neutrals. Knowing that, I tried to be careful with the pink, and incorporate plenty of grey.


Bookcase from Target. Put together by me! I looked at a few different bookcases, but this was the most reasonably priced, while still having some style. We condensed two different book bins onto the shelf. This works out so well because the girls can easily put books away now. A few things on the top shelf, and room for toy storage on the bottom shelf. I bought those boxes at IKEA but they aren’t right here. I need to hit up Michael’s for some white wicker bins.


This artwork. I love it. I initially found them on Zulily, but they were being sold as wooden signs. I googled the artist and found her on etsy. She retired the ‘Today will be the best day ever!’ print the day before I bought it, but I emailed her and she was sweet enough to bring one back for me. I love the sentiment behind these, and hope that they provide a little inspiration to the girls.


The dresser is a Malm six drawer dresser from IKEA. We were spoiled by our previous dresser with its gorgeous wood finish and deep drawers, so I knew whatever we bought would need to be similar. This dresser has even more room. I may be able to have short sleeve and long sleeve shirts out at the same time! Our old dresser was uber cluttered and ended up being catchall for whatever was lying around. I’m hoping to keep this clean, with just a few photos and trinkets.


Paris. Delaney and I fell in love with this print when we saw it at IKEA. The greys are perfect in the room, and I love that the Eiffel Tower stands out like it does. This print absolutely makes the room. There is nothing toddlerish about it! But, I think steering away from little kid things was also what helped this room come together for me. I never really loved their last room, but this room? Dear god I love it! They do too, and spend a lot more time in their room than they ever used to.

3 responses to “Big Girl Room Reveal

  1. Grammy says:

    This is definitely “Pinterest-worthy”. What a pretty, comfy room for those two little girls. You did a great job. Now, if only we could enlarge that closet!

  2. Amy says:

    It’s absolutely gorgeous, Erin! Can’t wait to see it in person!

  3. Sue says:

    Love it, Erin. I’ve said it before. You are a great mama!!

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