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Deep Breath

on April 12, 2013

The bunk beds are in place. The mattresses are on and the beds are made. I’m exhausted. It’s days like this where I feel like it’s magnified that I’m a single mom because every piece of this I had to take care of. Painting the room, dismantling their toddler beds, clearing out the room (again), washing all of the bedding, handling the deliveries, and then finally making both beds. (If anyone has bed bunk making tips, please share. I think there are special sheets that make it easier? I need to find those.)

But, they love them. The thing they love the most? The lights I bought them at IKEA that clip onto their headboards. They are so excited to read in bed they can hardly stand it. Delaney kept telling me she loved them and giving me hugs.

Delaney is a little nervous about sleeping on the top bunk, but she tried climbing down the ladder in the relative dark that is their room at night, and she could do it so she’s feeling better. I was hoping she’d be scared enough to just stay in bed, but oh well.

Their room looks gorgeous. I’m so in love with it I can hardly stand it. It’s such a big girl room. And wait until I hang their art! Pictures on Monday for sure.

One response to “Deep Breath

  1. sew vintage emporium says:

    Having grown up sharing a room with bunk beds with my sister, the easiest way to make a bunk bed is to get fitted sheets. That way you just drag off the mattress, pull the sheet straight and toss it back into place then throw the duvet over the sheet. It will never look perfectly unwrinkled but it’ll get an airing and a straightening and that’s what’s important.

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