The Munchkins

Life with identical twins

The State of Caden

on April 8, 2013

caden bed

* Because I feel guilty over just hitting Urgent Care for her stitches (especially after hearing how fabulous Amplatz is for stitches from another mom) I’m all over scar prevention. We’ve been keeping neosporin or vitamin e oil on it at all times, always with a band aid. Hopefully this will help with the healing.

* She’s decided to get her hair cut into a short bob. She doesn’t tolerate getting her hair brushed or washed well. Because her hair is thin, it seems to tangle easily (although a little argan oil helped). On top of that, she’s always getting food in her hair. We’ve talked about it a few times, and I’ve thought about trying to talk her out of it because she looks adorable in a pony tail, but I think it’s a good decision for her. She needs something a little more low maintenance.

* She’s sick. Shocker she got sick three days after being in a germ infested urgent care yes? We were at a birthday party on Sunday when she came over to get a drink of water. I sat her on my lap and noticed she was hot, and not cooling down. She was a little white, so we got out of there quickly. She had complained that morning of a stomach ache, but she’s always saying her tummy hurt so I never know what to think. But, this time she was right. Her fever has slowly escalated, but I’m hoping a dose of tylenol and a good nights rest will help us out.

* At the birthday party all three parents told me their boys kept Caden’s valentine card with her picture on it, and have it hanging up somewhere in the house. LOVE! (Two of them think she is the most beautiful girl in the world. Possibly helped by the fact that for six months, she was one of the only girls in their class, but still.)

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