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Weekly Menu Plan 4/7/13 – 4/13/13

on April 7, 2013

Here’s our gluten free weekly menu plan.

delaney cook

Sunday – Bacon, egg, and leek risotto. The picture above is Delaney tending to the risotto. I started this dinner way late, and needed to multistask as the rice was cooking. Delaney loves stirring, and once I showed her how and when to add more broth, she took care of things. She was so excited to add back the bacon and leek at the end, that I told her that I was going to fry an egg to put on top of mine, and did she want to try that too? She did! This is when I love her people pleasing tendencies. She knows how happy it makes me when she tries new foods! This was a huge moment in our house. She loved this dish. She broke her runny yolk and stirred it in, and loved the leeks! The only problem is that it makes so much. I almost halved the recipe and definitely should have.

Monday – Quesadillas. Gymnastics starts up again tonight, so quesadillas will move to Mondays.

Tuesday – Leftover risotto.

Wednesday – Sausages and roasted broccoli.

Thursday – Fried rice.

Friday – Peanut noodles.

One response to “Weekly Menu Plan 4/7/13 – 4/13/13

  1. phoebelapine says:

    Hope you enjoy the noodles! xo

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