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April 4, 2013

on April 5, 2013

That is the date of our first stitches, first major injury, and first trip to Urgent Care. I guess prior to this my kids got sick at convenient times?

When I went to pick up the girls from daycare the director came out of her office and frantically waved at someone to come in her office. She was waving in my direction but there were a bunch of parents milling around so I assumed it wasn’t me. Finally she was like “Erin! Come in here!” Oops. Both girls were in her office, Caden with a bloody paper towel and ice pack at her chin.

Caden had been climbing up the steps of the playset, slipped and her chin came down on the step. The gash was deep enough that she thought it probably needed stitches. I took one look at it and agreed with her. But, we’ve never had any injuries like this so I wasn’t sure, is this an ER thing? Urgent Care? Our pediatrician’s office was closed so we headed to the Urgent Care that is in our allergist’s clinic, so at least we’d be in their system.


Here’s the thing. This was the best possible injury. She wasn’t in pain, we had time to stop by McDonald’s and grab dinner before heading there, and even though it was a THREE HOUR ORDEAL at urgent care, I had brought in their Leapsters so we at least kept ourselves entertained. It wasn’t traumatic, it wasn’t scary, it was just exhausting. The nurses kept apologizing and said we just came at the wrong time and things were running very behind. Of course we did.


They did the numbing cream which worked beautifully, and put in seven stitches. They’re the kind of stitches that don’t need to come out which is nice. As they were stitching her up I briefly wondered if I should have gone to the nice children’s hospital that likely would have been able to get us a plastic surgeon to stitch her. I’m hoping the cut is far enough under her chin that any scar is invisible. Beyond that, I’ll get some vitamin E cream to help with the healing.

eta: I just have to say both girls were total troopers with this. Caden never cried, never whined, was super still the entire time they stitched her up, and just was all around completely well behaved. Delaney was the same. Didn’t whine, played her Leapster, checked in on her sister, and was quiet when I needed her to be. Today, they both badly need naps to catch up on the sleep they missed last night because of the extra late bedtime, but beyond that everyone is fine.

2 responses to “April 4, 2013

  1. Sue says:

    OH my!! I hate to think of her having stitches, but sounds like it went okay….

  2. […] our horrible experience at Urgent Care last time, I vowed all future stitches would be done at the ER of the hospital where we did NICU time. That […]

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