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Life with identical twins

Tiny Bits

on April 4, 2013

* I don’t think I mentioned it back at birthday time, but the girls have long associated age five with kindergarten. We were driving around the weekend after we got home and Caden said rather tearfully “I just want one more day with my daycare friends!” They thought they were immediately going to kindergarten! So sweet. Fortunately for you Caden, you have many more months with your daycare friends.

* Speaking of their birthday, I absolutely regretted not doing birthday shirts. They’ve been so insanely excited to turn five, and they tell everyone, I should have done them. Old Navy did “I’m 5!” shirts which I will definitely be ordering. I think they’d still love them even a month late.

* Both girls napped yesterday and Caden napped they day before too. And they slept all night just fine! Delaney has been eating two helpings of whatever protein we’ve had for dinner. Ten shrimp Tuesday night, two tortilla crusted chicken fingers last night. Someone is growing!

* I’ve been going to a chiropractor since last November. I’ve really felt great the last few months, it’s kind of amazing. Between the girls and running, my body gets out of alignment and it throws everything else off too, especially my asthma and reflux. March had been such a crazy month I hadn’t gone. I went yesterday and I feel so much better! I have to get back on my every three week schedule with him.

* After racing around to get the room painted and mattresses ordered so everything was ready for the bunk beds, no one has called me to schedule a delivery! I’m glad I’m ready, but I’m going slightly mad waiting for my phone to ring. Today, I call them.

* This is our backyard. So close, but so far. Our front yard is even worse since it faces north. Highs are in the upper 40s right now, but it’s going to take a string of warm days to melt all of this. *sob*


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