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Room Redo, Bunk Bed Style

on March 27, 2013

I ordered the girls bunk beds last week when PBK had them on sale. I called the store to double check the color, and then ended up just ordering through the store. The saleswoman told me that I would get a call mid-April to tell me when they could deliver them and set them up. I figured I had a month or so to get their room ready, which even that was pushing it since I have only vague ideas beyond their duvet covers. I’ve been pinning ideas for ages, but nothing was settled.

And then I got an email on Monday saying the beds had shipped. Yikes! I called PBK and they expected them at their delivery center in Minneapolis April 1, I’d get a call a few days later to schedule the delivery. Guess I need to get going! (They will hold them for up to 30 days, so I have time if I can’t pull everything together.  If anything, the mattresses will likely be our potential hold up.)

Hopefully getting this all down in a post will keep me organized!

I pinned this a year ago, and it has been the inspiration for their room. I love the bright bold colors, and insanely love the raspberry/turquoise combo. Their duvet is bright pink with white polka pots, and I was waffling between the turquoise walls or going a darker grey. When I asked the girls if they wanted grey walls they emphatically said no. I ran to Home Depot last night and grabbed a few paint turquoise swatches. Of course I like one color (the bolder, brighter) and they like a different color (slightly softer, more grey). We shall see which color wins out in the daylight. We need to decide soon, because the plan is to paint their room on Friday, since we have the day off.

We also need to hit up Ikea for duvets, curtains, and whatever else strikes our fancy. I would rather go on a week day, since weekends are crazy over there, but painting will take longer and so that task wins out for our day off. If I’m super productive, perhaps we can fit in both things, if not, Ikea will need to happen very soon.

Next up on the must have before the beds are delivered is mattresses. I asked on Facebook for some recommendations since the last mattress I bought was from the W hotel site (love my heavenly bed!) There was no real consensus, so we’ll probably hit up Sears to check things out? Costco has mattresses, but they had no twin mattresses in stock. Also, the top bunk requires a bunk bed mattress, and I’m not sure how difficult that will be to acquire. If we strike out at Sears, Original Mattress Factory is likely next.

That’s what I need to get done before the bunk beds arrive. Beyond that, the room needs to be decorated. I bought this print plus two others from an Etsy shop that I absolutely fell in love with.  I’ll also print out maybe the sunset pictures from Florida?  We’ll do a professional photo shoot this summer, so something from that will hopefully go up on the walls as well.

I like the idea of yarn wrapped letters, especially since I could incorporate grey, pink, and turquoise colors in some sort of pattern.

I’d love to do pom poms, because I just love these, but the tutorial looks time consuming, so I’m not sure they’ll ever actually happen.  We also have a million sea shells from Florida.  I was thinking maybe a sea shell mirror for them?

Beyond that, we need to figure out better toy and book storage, which I’m hoping to do with some sort of bookshelf that my dad can make. I’m also debating on their dresser. The one they currently have was made to be a changing table/dresser. I love it, but it’s also stained dark which won’t match their new white furniture. I kind of can’t bear to paint it white, so I may see if my dad can sell it and have him make them a new white dresser that would match the bookshelf.

I’m kind of excited for all of this.  I feel like the current version of their room got pulled together, but I never really finished it.  There were always things I was going to add or do, but never got around to.  I’d really like their room to be somewhere they can hang out and play.  It’s not a big room, but I’m hoping bunking their beds will give us the space we need.

3 responses to “Room Redo, Bunk Bed Style

  1. Grammy says:

    Love all of these ideas!

  2. Kyla says:

    check out for mattresses. I’m not sure how prices compare overall, but shipping is free for orders over $50 or something like that.

  3. […] I used Pinterest a ton to keep track of everything I was thinking for this redo. I know Pinterest takes a lot of heat for all of the crazy crafts and recipes that are on there, but I think it’s ideal for things like this. My inspiration for this room was pinned well over a year ago, and it was a great place to keep my thoughts and purchases organized. […]

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