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Chore Charts v2.0

on March 22, 2013

When the girls turned five I knew it was time to revisit the chore chart. Partly because them helping out at home is clearly helpful, and partly because it’s good for them to learn responsibility.

We tried to do chore charts a year ago and they failed miserably. I bought a small whiteboard chore chart off Amazon that had magnets and rows for each chore. Last year, we just had the wrong chores. Also, I kept forgetting about it. This year, we busted out that chore chart again however, there were two immediate issues. First, they fought over who got to put the magnet in the column for that day (many chores they both do). Second, you so much as breathed on that thing and the marker flaked off. Time for a replacement!

I looked around, but everything I saw was custom made and seemed like a lot of work. I’m sorry, but I don’t have time to take pictures of stuff, laminate it and then glue it to a magnet. I need fast and easy! Meet, the printable chore chart. Oh Pinterest, I do love you so!

It’s perfection. I print a new one out each week, we can switch up the chores easily and even better, they each have their own!

chore chart

But, in order for these to work I knew chores had to become a part of our daily routine. Most of the chores on their chart are things they already should be doing. We only added two new things – Feed the Dog, and Clean the sink/Vacuum. The dog gets fed twice a day so that was easy to split up, and the cleaning chores we switch off every two weeks.

fill it out

After dinner they bring their dishes into the kitchen and while I do the dishes, they do their chores. Cleaning the bathroom sink is easy and Caden loves it. She’s even extended her duties and cleans another piece of the bathroom each night. The mirror, the cabinet, the tub. I love it. Vacuuming is going to be something that takes a bit to learn, but they’re getting there.

So far, it’s going well. We’re only a few weeks in so it’s too early to call it, but at least this mode of chore chart works much better for us.

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