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Wrap It Up

on March 15, 2013

Our trip was fun, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t necessarily the trip we needed as a family. Did the cold play into it? Absolutely. Last year with the warm weather we did so many more things! But last year’s trip definitely was like this elusive thing I was chasing this year. We had SO much fun, bonded so much as a family unit, there was no way we’d get that magic two years in a row, and that’s always tough.

We needed more time alone as a family. This was my fault, I should have been more proactive about it. I thought it would just happen, that we wouldn’t all want to do the same things every day. But with the weather the way it was, there just weren’t that many options. Still, I should have made that a priority.

The girls weren’t nearly as well behaved this year as they were last year. I think that was due to not getting alone time with me. During the trip I thought I was battling lack of sleep, but looking back now I don’t think that was it. I realized it late in the game, and grabbed some time with just Delaney, but they needed more. I even thought having the weekend at home together would suffice, but we just annoyed the shit out of each other for two more days.

Vacation re-entry was disastrous. Everyone’s mood was off. The girls wanted to stick like glue to me, and as an introvert, all I wanted was time by myself. Daycare drop offs were fine, but bedtime was meltdown city. It was horrible, and not getting that time to myself at night made my mood even worse. Oddly enough, Delaney articulated her issues quite clearly. We were being too serious. And she was right. I was so in my mode of getting things done, that we weren’t having any fun. We’ve since made adjustments and things are much, much better.

One response to “Wrap It Up

  1. Laura Case says:

    You know, it’s tough after a great vacation to not get SUPER EXCITED that it could be like that again. We’ve learned this with our beach house. Sometimes it’s going to be cold and windy and the fun will be at night in the hot tub. Sometimes it will be so warm that we never want to leave the beach. And sometimes, sitting around watching a movie sounds like the best plan. But destination travel? SO MUCH PRESSURE to do everything right.

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