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Family Photos

on March 14, 2013

family 1

I thought I had gotten more family pictures but alas, no. Oh well. It’s always difficult trying to get pictures with us together because I feel like a giant. And I hate when I have good hair and the picture falls flat!

family 2

Same outfits, different pose. Still not fabulous.

family ledge

This was the last night of our trip. The lighting was perfect just outside my parents condo, and the ledge put us all at the same height. They were terrified they were going to fall off though, so all I could do was put my arms in front of them to hang on which looks silly. Also, someone should have told me my hair was flat. That’s what I get for letting it air dry.

family sunset

And sunset family picture fail.

One response to “Family Photos

  1. Sue says:

    Hi Erin. I love seeing all these great pics. What a fabulous reminder of a winter getaway, however cold the weather. I see some red noses in some of the pics. Oh well. Beautiful Krohn girls.

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