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Delaney on Vacation

on March 12, 2013

delaney hat

After one of our beach walks we came to the edge of the sand to put everyone’s shoes back on. It was perfectly shady so I snapped a few pictures. I should probably crop this a bit to get the other distracting things out, but oh well.

delaney sunglasses

I swear we tried on swimsuits just before we left, but once down there two of them were suspiciously small on Delaney, so she was basically left with this Ariel suit. It’s her favorite suit so it wasn’t a hardship!

delaney windy_

I love this picture because it is just so out trip. Her sunglasses on, big grin, with her hair in her face.

delaney sunset 2

Another sunset picture. She was drawing things in the sand. What you don’t see here is her sister literally running circles around here, but I love that this is a moment of peace.

2 responses to “Delaney on Vacation

  1. Grammy says:

    Our beautiful Laney Lou. She so loves life!

  2. Kyla says:

    That big smile is going to be gap-filled pretty soon! You can just see those baby teeth being pushed down. Looks like you had a beautiful time 😀

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