The Munchkins

Life with identical twins


on March 11, 2013

This year I made a concerted effort to get a lot of pictures with both girls in the same shot. So often I end up with a bunch of pictures of each of them, but none together. I love these! They show their relationship so well.

both beach

Most of the time they had hats and/or sunglasses on while we were at the beach, so I love that you can see their eyes.

both dresses

Against my better judgment I let the girls pick out these dresses. I’m not entirely sure why I was against them, I thought they wouldn’t fit well or something. But, they are gorgeous! Very summery, very twirly, perfect for them.

both hats

They picked these hats out at Old Navy. My girls are hat girls, especially Caden, so I knew fun hats would be perfect beach accessories. I die every time I see a picture of their hats. So adorable!

both sunset

They were so goofy when we were trying to light their lanterns. I love this shot. Pure sister love joy. (Contemplating printing this one out for their room.)


Thrilled to be here aren’t they?

3 responses to “Sisters

  1. Joanna says:

    I looooooooove those dresses! These pictures are awesome.

  2. Mita says:

    Those dresses are adorable! They look so cute in them. I also love the picture of them that you want to blow up. Its really sweet.

  3. […] also got swimsuit cover ups similar to the dresses they bought in Florida. I thought they would be more excited for them then they were, but it’s hard to compete with […]

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